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Below is a list of news items from members of Ditchling.com. They are displayed in reverse date order, the most recent being first.

4 March 2015

Allotments available in Ditchling - rent free!

Ditchling Horticultural Society has three vacant allotment plots in Ditchling which are being..

25 February 2015

Newcomers' Party - Ditchling Village Association

To all newcomers to Ditchling since March last year - we look forward to meeting you at our annual..

3 February 2015

New Shopper Bus to Burgess Hill - Monday & Wednesday!

Sussex Bus are delighted to announce that despite the forthcoming East Sussex County Council bus..

22 January 2015

Collections for St Peter & St James

Ditchling Morris and Mummers donated about £2500 this Christmas, excluding Gift Aid to the st..

28 December 2014

Sale - many things 25% Discount


1 November 2014

Post Office - Online Petition now also available

In support of the petition in the Post Office to secure it's future by granting it Community Post..

30 October 2014

Update re Post Office - your help needed!

Thanks to Peter Luckin who has circulated the following news about the..

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