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Nov. Production - The Light of Heart by Emlyn Williams (22nd to 25th November)

Wednesday 22 November 2017, 8:00 pm

Ditchling Village Hall

For those of you not familiar with the play it revolves around actor, Maddoc Thomas and his daughter, Cattrin, who live in a London rooming house and struggle to make ends meet due to Maddoc’s drunkenness.  When Robert, a composer, moves into one of the rooms he tries to interest Maddoc in a small part in a stage production, which he finally takes. This leads to other small parts with Cattrin keeping him sober.   Their fortune appears to be turning when a rich widow invests money into a production on the proviso that Maddoc plays the lead and romance starts to blossom between Cattrin and Robert, who want to start a new life together.  But will this happen or will it all end in tears?  As well as the main characters there are the other lodgers  who are constantly in and out of Maddoc and Cattrin’s room as they are one big family with Cattrin as the pillar of strength.

As Liz Burton, says “I love this play with its poetic language, wonderful, well-drawn characters and warmth. Yes, there is sadness, but also a lot of joy and hope.  I hope that both the cast and audience will love it as much as I do”. 

Tickets for this production are available from Monday 30th October. 

We look forward to seeing you in the audience.

Admission: £8.00 (Wednesday) and £9.00 (Thursday to Saturday)

Contact: Box Office – Chatt Estates, 34 High Street, Ditchling, BN6 8TA. Tel No: 01273 844500

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