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Parish Walks

from Ditchling Common

The two walks from Ditchling Common start from the East Sussex County Council Car Park east of the Common crossroads. Ditchling Common is now managed as a Country Park by the County Council to ensure that the activities of visitors, walkers and horse-riders are compatible with the conservation of commonland. The common was part of the Manor of Ditchling, overseen by the Reeve, and villagers holding commoners' rights could graze cattle, horses and sheep although the grazing of geese was forbidden! A feast was held annually at the Royal Oak, to the north of the common, known as Horn Fair when cattle were brought to be left in the charge of the Reeve for the summer months. In autumn commoners might cut bracken for bedding. More recently, the common has been used for recreation: a summer holiday haunt for boys with bicycles and fishing-rods, for blackberry gathering and picnics or just for walking along the many paths, through high bracken in summer or beside a bluebell haze in springtime.

Walk 6 - St. George's Retreat

Walk 7 - St. Helena Farm

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